Services & Specialties

Family Solutions, Inc. offers a large range of services, primarily aimed at promoting the health and wellness of the family and of children.

Individual, Family, Marriage and Play Therapy

  • Individual Therapy - One on one therapy is for people that need to explore and resolve feelings that are causing them stress in other areas of their life.  For example, if feelings of depression or hopelessness are so overwhelming that they are making it hard to eat, sleep or focus at work, you would benefit from individual therapy.
  • Family Therapy - Family therapy is usually combined with individual or group services.  Family therapy can be done in either our Juno Beach office or our Lake Worth office.  This service gives all family members a chance to express their feelings and concerns.  Issues can be brought out and conflicts and compromises can be worked through.
  • Marriage Counseling - Couples can benefit from counseling when conflicts / arguments are dominating your daily life.  The therapist provides a safe place where both partners can express their feelings, wants and needs.
  • Play Therapy - Play therapy is a way for children to communicate their feelings and reveal situations with out feeling like they are being analyzed. However the therapist can learn a lot about what may be causing the child issues. Click here to see a video

Adolescent and Child Therapy

  • Why Children May Need Therapy
    - Drugs and alcohol
    - Trouble at home or school
    - Struggles with everyday events
    - Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
    - Divorce
    - Death in the family
    - Attention deficit or hyperactivity symptoms
    - Disrespectful or defiant behavior at home or at school
    - Frequent sadness or temper tantrums
    - Fighting or hitting to extreme
  • Family Solutions, Inc. provides mental health services to pre-schoolers, children, adolescents, teenagers and to adults/parents.  In addition to Individual, Group or Family sessions, groups are available.