Family Solutions, inc.

Family Solutions Inc. is a mental health provider bringing services to children and families. It is dedicated to creating nurturing, functional families in the world and a safe place where people can find the skills and tools they need to interact intimately with others.

Family Solutions Inc. is a sole practitioner private practice for play therapy, individual therapy, life coaching, and parenting education. Services are provided by Grace N. Childs, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has over 15 years experience working with children, adolescents and families in Palm Beach County, Fl. Services provided can help with Children's problems at school or home, adjustment to divorce and blended families. Our goal is to provide people with a safe place to explore their feelings so that they can have healthy relationships with others.

Meet Grace Childs

Grace N. Childs provides personal, confidential counseling at two locations in Palm Beach County.  She has an office in west Lake Worth and an  office in North Palm Beach.  Grace specializes in working with children and families and has over twenty five years experience.

Grace earned her Bachelor of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University and her Masters of Social Work from Barry University. Ms. Childs is now a sole practitioner in her practice which ensures the personal one on one care that you want when working with you and your family.  She is a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor by the International Association for Play Therapy.  She has the experience of working with thousands of children, teens and families. 
  Grace also provides family counseling at times of crisis in a family as well as adjustments to a blended family or divorce situations.  Grace has a strong grasp on family dynamics regarding substance abuse and domestic violence. 
  Her work with families allows her to move adults through issues that they may have with their family of origin. Counseling focuses on gaining insight into your past so that you can move forward in your life. Understanding these issues can free a person to change.  Ms. Childs believes in a persons potential to become what they want to be in life.
Parenting classes or coaching is also a strong component to the services that Ms. Childs provides her clients and the community.  She has taught parenting skills to thousands of parents in the last twelve years in Palm Beach County.  Her realistic approach of " what stops us from being the parent we want to be" has helped parents change their actions in the home.  These parents can now provide effective discipline and a nurturing home.